Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the change in dates to one-week for the Boys Camp this year?

Burroughs is excited to announce the construction of a new S.T.A.R. Building, which will cover the footprint of the current Library and Science buildings.  Demolition of these two buildings will occur on Monday, June 5th – which also happens to be the first day of camp. Thus, the north side of campus will be a construction zone and not habitable for our camp. Therefore, we are moving the Boys side of camp over to the Clayton Road entrance for the week – but must move out before Burr-Oak begins on Monday, June 12th.  So while we are excited about the new building, we are sad to lose a week of camp.  Thank you much for your understanding as we operate under these conditions.

When is camp?

The 2017 session of Bomber Sports Camp will run from:

Boys: Monday, June 5 to Friday, June 9

Girls: Monday, June 5 to Friday, June 9


Who is eligible for camp?  

Camp is open to students entering 2nd grade through students entering 6th grade.

Is there a girls camp?

Yep- Bombers Sports Camp is now open to girls!  The girls camp will run for one week from: June 5th to 9th.  Contact one of the two girls camp directors for more details.

Carrie Chapman:
(314) 378-4240

Margaret Clark:
(314) 283-6694

What are the enrollment terms for the campers?

For the boys and girls:  Enrollment requires a non-refundable payment of $300 for the one week session in 2017 and a fully completed application per child by Friday, May 19th, 2017.  Any registrations received after May 19th will be $350 for the week long session.

What are camp hours?

Camp begins at 9 am and runs until 2:30 pm.   After-care is not available through our camp, nor can we use Burr Oak’s after-care.  What many have done in the past are make arrangements on their own with BSC counselors to watch their child until they can be picked up.

This year we are offering “before-care” for those who need to drop your child off at or around 8 am.  Before-care costs $20 per day and can be paid in-advance or on the day of.


How do I communicate with camp?

While camp is in session, the best way to reach a camp director is by cell phone.  During the school year, please try them by email first.  Contact information can be found on the page labeled “Contacts” or by clicking here.


Where is camp drop-off?

Boys and Girls:

Drop-off and pick-up will be in the Athletic  Center lot off Clayton Road (only entrance on Clayton Road). There will be a Bomber Sports Camp sign clearly marking the correct entrance.

From the North (Ladue Road) and the East (Galleria)
Go south on Price and make a right onto Clayton Road.  The JBS entrance is just after Village Lutheran Church on your right.

From the West (Ladue Jr. High)
Go east on Clayton Road.  The JBS entrance is on your left, just east of Cella Road.


What should I do with my child’s medication?

Every morning, your child(ren) will check in at their respective Bomber Sports Camp tent to drop off their lunch and medication. Please put your child’s name on his/her medication. Additionally, please provide detailed instructions for how to help your child take his/her medication (if necessary).

*Please note that we do have a certified athletic trainer or a registered nurse on campus at all times to help handle any medical needs any camper may have.


What should my child wear to camp?

On the first day of camp we will hand out our Bomber Sports Camp shirts. Ideally, your child would wear them every day. However, we do realize that eventually these shirts will need to be washed (especially after all of the sports and games they will be playing!) On laundry days, please have your camper wear a blue athletic t-shirt if they’re in the 4-6th grade “league” or a yellow shirt if they’re in the 2-3rd grade “league” so they can be easily identified as Bomber Sports campers. In addition to their blue/ yellow shirts, they should wear athletic shorts, tennis shoes, and sunscreen every day!

*Note for girl campers- bring a swimsuit, towel and mouth guard each day.

** As mentioned above, please lather your child in sunscreen every morning before drop off.  We supply sunscreen as well and invite the children to re-apply as often as desired, but starting off the day with total protection is the most vital part of your child’s sun protection day.


What equipment should my child bring to camp?

Other than a water bottle and their lunch, the kids don’t need to bring anything else! The camp will provide all sports equipment. However, if your camper loves his baseball glove or her field hockey stick and would prefer to bring their own, then by all means…bring it!  Please label everything and we will keep the campers belongings in their team bins.





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